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Sarah Palin: I’m So Proud Of These Governors… They Are Just Thumping Obama



Sarah Palin joins conservative talk host Dana Loesch to discuss her new book, ‘Sweet Freedom: A Devotional’. Loesch focused in on what Palin wrote about verses in scripture that justify the right to self defense.


Yeah, I’m so proud of these Governors. I mean they are just thumping Obama when it comes to understanding a government role in a issue like this. Government leaders have to be practical too, you know. And not just idealistic like Obama is, singing his ‘Kumbaya’ and thinking that all these are innocent refugees coming on over. And we’re supposed to take them all in with no vetting process. You can’t trust Obama’s vetting process. You can’t trust any kind of process that he would implement to assist the states in bringing people in and then having to provide for them. So these Governors, they’re practical. They’re thinking about the logistics. And of course they’re thinking about the big picture. Look, it’s not working real well in some other areas where immigrants have been embraced with open arms without a vetting process. Lets learn from that.

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