Sarah Palin Says Democrats Want to ‘Import’ Votes… Refuse to Secure Border

Sarah Palin: “We have every right, we have a God-given right that’s codified in our Bill of Rights to protect ourselves and to protect our property and our families.”

“It’s not just a select few that government will choose who gets to be protected. The movie stars, the politicians in D.C., those in a courthouse, no. The Bill of Rights does apply to every single citizen of the U.S.”

Don’t miss the full interview on “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Sunday at 10 pm ET on Fox News Channel! Read more.

That’s why Trump got elected and will be reelected. People are fed up with the PC Democrats who are completely corrupt and do NOT have our countries best interests at heart. They PROVE it by caring more about Illegals (Potential Democrats Voters) than they do about Americans.

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