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Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister ➠ ‘Only Allah Can Set The Price Of Oil’


Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister: “Only Allah Can Set The Price Of Oil”…

Pretty sure a figment of a 7th-century warlord’s imagination has nothing to do with it.

Via Independent:

Saudi Arabia’s oil minister has turned to divinity over the issue of slumping prices in oil, claiming that “it’s up to Allah”.


Speaking to CNBC, oil minister Ali al-Naimi said that “no one can set the price of oil – it’s up to Allah”.


Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest producer of oil and, while oil prices have been staying low on the market, the country has decided to increase its production of the substance rather than cut it.


Sanctions currently placed on Iran could soon be lifted as part of international nuclear negotiations, which would mean the country’s crude oil would come back on to the market and cause prices to plunge further.

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