‘Say What?’ Planned Parenthood Calls Itself A ‘Safe Haven’ For Newborns


‘Say What?’ Planned Parenthood Calls Itself a ‘Safe Haven’ for Newborns

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is advertising itself as a “safe haven” for newborns.

According to Vermont’s Department for Children and Families, the state’s Baby Safe Haven Law “offers you safe places you can give up your baby—anonymously and legally.”

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Under the Baby Safe Haven Law, parents may deliver a child younger than 30 days old to any “safe haven” in the state.

The agency defines “safe haven” as any “fire or police station, health care facility, place of worship [or]adoption agency licensed in Vermont.” Emergency responders can also make arrangements to come pick up a child after a 911 call.

The parent or individual who delivers the child to a safe haven may do so anonymously, but they are given the option to provide personal or medical information about themselves and the child. They are also offered support services such as medical help or counseling, which they may or may not choose to accept.

Planned Parenthood facilities were approved by the state to be safe havens.

Monica Kelsey, a pro-life speaker and an advocate of Safe Haven laws, shared a picture of the ad on her Facebook page.

“Rather than abandoning your newborn, you can bring your baby to a safe place where he or she will be cared for,” the ad says.

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“Say What? Planned Parenthood in Vermont is a Safe Haven drop off location?” Kelsey wrote. More

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