School Advises Women To Dress Modestly To Avoid Offending Muslim Refugees



Beyond pathetic.

Via Savon Sanomat (Google translation):

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North Savo Institute is endeavoring to facilitate the sons of asylum seekers in the 16-17-year-olds by the integration of dress code for female students.


Dorm counselors, women’s opaque dressing would help Muslim countries of asylum-seekers Center.


Sign Language instructor-student Iitu Heilimo considered a good idea.


– For example, greeted they will be able to focus on the situation and confused moment when women appears to reveal the surface.


Heilimo emphasizes that the students wanted to welcome arrived on Monday, Afghans, Iraqis and Somalis boys.


– Almost all were of the view that, of course, put something. No need to have ample neck openings. Nobody demanded much put a little korkeampikaulaisempaa shirt or scarf to the neck.


According to the traditional view of the Islamic countries, women should dress more opaque. Many Muslim women cover their hair, some even on the neck and shoulders. The most extreme outfit on a robe that covers the entire body.


Heilimo believes that the future of different cultures asylum seekers have other habits than the Finns.


Institute’s new residents tend to adapt to Finland. They have quickly learned the greeting words.


– Under the same roof there is a way people live and roommates. We have taught them card games. Lovely to see how they are trying to speak Finnish. It seems that they have a very successful re-Heilimo estimates. More

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