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School Bans U.S. Flag Over ‘Complaints’ ➠ Watch Locals React With Patriotic Fervor!

School Bans U.S. Flag Over 'Complaints' ➠ Watch Locals React With Patriotic Fervor!

School Bans U.S. Flag Over “Complaints,” Locals React With Patriotic Fervor!

York County, South Carolina — York Comprehensive High School senior Peyton Robinson was ordered by two school administrators on Wednesday to remove the U.S. and P.O.W. flags from his pick-up truck after he returns home from school that day and to not bring them onto school property again. At that time, the administrators cited “complaints” from other individuals as justification for banning Robinson’s flags.

According to Robinson, later that afternoon an administrator returned to his truck and physically took the flags down without his permission. When the school was questioned about the action, they then claimed there is a “school policy” stating that flags present a “safety issue.”

James Crump, a York resident and parent of a York Comprehensive HS student, told Fox News that no such written policy exists.  Additionally, Robinson stated that he flew the flags last year and had done so for a month this year as well, before he was approached on Wednesday.

Understandably upset, Robinson posted on his Instagram account a complaint of his own and a call to action for other students to help in protesting the school’s impromptu flag ban.

I’ve been told by 2 administrators at my school this morning that I can’t have an American Flag on my truck because other people have complained about it. Well let me tell you something, I have every right to fly an American flag. It will not be coming off of my truck. This really pisses me off. I ask that everyone that sees this post that attends York Comprehinsive flys [sic]an American flag of some sort on whatever they may drive to school tomorrow to prove a point. I will not let this go down without a fight.#America #fightforourright

Robinson’s call to action prompted a swift and very patriotic response from students and locals in the community. Thursday morning a large number of vehicles were adorned with Old Glory and lined up to create an impressive convoy. They drove through town and onto the high school campus with horns honking and flags flying in the wind. Supporters showed their solidarity by lining the streets along the way, cheering them on, and waving their flags as well.

The parade of patriotism had its intended effect, and within hours the York County School District made the announcement that they would make an exception to the “policy” and allow American flags to be displayed on the students’ vehicles. More

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