School Sends Girl Home For Outfit That Goes TOO FAR… Can You See An Issue?


After going to school on a day like any other, an Alabama girl was a bit more than surprised when she was sent to speak with school administrators. Unfortunately, things would only continue in a downward spiral when she was sent home, with the school saying her outfit took things too far.

The incident took place in Blountsville, Alabama at JB Pennington High School, where Amanda Barbier’s daughter Katie attended. At some point during the day, both she and another girl named Stephanie were sent to the school counselor to have their outfits assessed since someone believed them to be in violation of the school’s dress code.

However, the counselor couldn’t find anything wrong with Katie’s outfit and sent her down to the assistant principal just to be sure. Unfortunately, he apparently didn’t view the situation in the same way and called in the girl’s mother to have her picked up, saying her shirt was too short to be worn with leggings.

As just about any parent would be, Amanda was a bit more than irritated, having to waste her time and come down to the school to pick up her child. Taking to Facebook later, she described the matters that would follow in a bit more detail, saying:

 I ask while speaking to both principal and assistant principal to measure this while I was standing in the room with them and they both REFUSED! They said it’s not school appropriate when she is WALKING! I’ve never heard that before. I also asked the assistant principal to apologize to my daughter for upsetting her (She is a good kid and yes she cried) but he refused again! He said he wasn’t apologizing for doing his job!

Basically, Amanda feels as though the staff knew they were in the wrong, but they didn’t want to admit any fault over the matter. That’s why they didn’t measure, and that’s certainly why they wouldn’t apologize for making Katie cry.

Girl Sent Home For Short Skirt, School Won't Measure


It’s a shame that we live in a time where some people seem completely incapable of admitting their own mistakes. Unfortunately, because of this reality, a teenage girl was not only humiliated, but felt the effects of informal bullying that stemmed from an adult’s pride. More


I just had to go to my daughter’s high school (JB Pennington) because they said her clothes was not school appropriate….

Posted by Amanda Best Barbier on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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