Chuck Schumer Demands Congress Wait Until After Midterm Elections to Confirm Kennedy Replacement (Video)

Democrats are now screaming bloody murder about confirming a Supreme Court justice before a midterm election? Golly gee can they be any more hypocritical? Thanks for the suggestion now take your seat.

Chuck Schumer isn’t stupid but his constituents must be, that’s why he spouts this kind of nonsense. The ‘Biden Rule’ applies only to presidential election years like 2016, not midterms like 2018 or 2010 for Kagan. He’s outright lying as always. He’s attempting to get more people agitated and create as much mayhem as possible. What a Schmuck!


On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he will be retiring from the bench at the end of July.

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Kennedy, 81, has been a noted swing vote on the court with his decisions often determine the deciding vote on a court split 4 to 4 between liberals and conservatives even though he was considered a conservative, having been appointed by President Reagan in 1987.

President Trump is reportedly choosing Justice Kennedy’s replacement from a list of 25 judges – the same list he chose Justice Neil Gorsuch from last year.

ABC News reported President Trump’s teams intends to push to get a nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy confirmed before the midterm elections.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer immediately pushed back on Trump’s plan to get his nominee to replace Justice Kennedy confirmed before the midterm elections.

Schumer demanded Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) abide by the ‘Biden Rule’ when deciding to confirm a Supreme Court Justice.

The ‘Biden Rule’ essentially calls for confirmations to be halted during an election year.

McConnell cited the ‘Biden Rule’ when deciding not to consider Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, before the 2016 election. Thankfully, McConnell opened the door for Justice Neil Gorsuch to be nominated by President Trump.

The Republicans should not acquiesce to the Democrats’ demands. Confirm President Trump’s next Justice nominee as soon as possible.

Schumer laughably said if the Senate confirms a Justice during the election year, it would be the “height of hypocrisy.”


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