Scorned Muslim Man Leaves His Ex Sickening “Wedding Gift” On Her Doorstep


It’s said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, unless you consider the fury of a Muslim lover on the day of his ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

When a Muslim man saw that his ex-girlfriend was getting hitched to another man, he simply couldn’t grasp the daunting reality that their relationship really was over. However, this didn’t stop him from leaving his former love with one last parting gift to ensure the honeymoon was one she’d never forget.

Hurriyet Daily News reports that a man identified only as Baki B., 28, was outraged that his ex-girlfriend, Khadija K., 24, was marrying another man, Mustafa K., 26, shortly after the pair had split. That’s when Baki concocted a sinister plan to ensure that the two would never live happily ever after.

Baki asked his friend, identified only as Ersun B., to help him construct a bomb, which he planned on delivering to the new couple as a “wedding gift.”

The two assembled explosives with 10 short tubes attached to a small propane tank. They placed the device at the front doorstep of the newlyweds’ house in Aydin, Turkey, with a note that read “A wedding gift to my love,” Haber Turk reports.

Fortunately, Khadija’s new husband wasn’t falling for Baki’s sick attempt at revenge. Mustafa called the police, who arrested Baki and Ersun, and provided a special bomb unit to dispose of the explosives before they could detonate.

HDN reports that Baki awaits trial from prison, but Ersun has been released pending trial.

Of course, it would be taboo for the mainstream media to say that either of these offenders are Muslim. However, if Muslims don’t wish to have bomb-making, intimidation, violence, and terror associated with their religion, then the “peaceful majority” should start speaking out against those they’ve claimed “hijacked” their faith.

Instead, we see the left and political leaders apologizing to the world’s largest group of aggressors, even going so far as to uplift Muslims at even the slightest chance to exclaim “islamophobia.” According to President Barack Obama and his devout followers, the police should have just assumed that Baki and Ersun were merely building a clock for the happy couple.

Perhaps Baki B. was simply trying to make a clock instead of a bomb. Who are we to judge?

Still, when pushed to confront human emotions like anger, jealousy, and offense, Muslims too often express their feelings through violence and destruction. But what does this have to do with Islam?

There are 109 scriptures in the Quran that advocate, encourage, and even command violence, hate, and slaughter. These verses detail the overall theme of the Quran, which justifies hate, intolerance, vengeance, and lying for the furthering of Islam and Sharia.

For 1,400 years, the world has seen the unrestrained faith of Islam unleashed upon humanity. Over 270 million non-Muslims have died at the hands of Muslims, yet apologists and sympathizers have continued to ignorantly perpetuate that Islam is fundamentally peaceful, and no more violent than any other religion. More

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