Scott Walker Cheered In South Carolina ➠ “I Will Take The Fight To ISIS”


Scott Walker Cheered In South Carolina: “I Will Take The Fight To ISIS”

Via The Hill:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) brought a South Carolina crowd to its feet Saturday during his remarks on national security, a topic generally considered Walker’s Achilles heel as he weighs a run for president.

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Addressing the South Carolina Freedom Summit, likely GOP candidate Walker used foreign policy as the climax for his speech, framing the issue as a matter of courage and emotion rather than “something you read in the newspaper.”


“On behalf of your children and mine, I want a leader that is willing to take a fight to them before they take the fight to us,” Walker said, referring to ISIS and “radical Islamic” fighters. The line received a standing ovation.


Walker also repeatedly referred to his trip to Israel, scheduled for this weekend, where he will undergo what the Washington Post described as a “crash-course in foreign policy.”


“We need a president to affirm that Israel is our ally and start acting like it,” he told the crowd. More

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