Screwball Liberals ➠ Reading To Your Kids Gives Them An Unfair Advantage

Mother and child reading

Liberals: Reading to Your Kids Gives Them An Unfair Advantage…

Oh boy.

Via Rush Limbaugh:

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RUSH: Let’s go to Australia.  Here are these two stories.  We’ll get to phone calls in the next segment, I promise.  If you’re on hold, be patient.  You’re there for a reason.  This is the Daily Telegraph first.  The second story is actually an Australian news website.  This the UK Daily Telegraph.  “Reading to Children at Bedtime: ABC Questions Value of Time-Honored Practice — The ABC…” The Australian something.  The ABC.  You know, it doesn’t spell up what that is.


It leaves it up to the reader who is supposed to know what ABC is.  This is not the ABC network. It’s Australia.  In fact, this may be in the UK.  But the point here is some authority, some agency is questioning the value of this. The ABC “has questioned whether parents should read to their children before bedtime, claiming it could give your kids an ‘unfair advantage’ over less fortunate children.”


The next line: “‘Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?’ asks a story on the ABC’s website.” Now, folks, this is exactly what I have warned of, what I have predicted for the 26-plus years that I have been hosting this program.  These people have been allowed to go completely over the bend of insanity.  This obsession with equality and inequality, as though there ought to be some giant, maybe not invisible but very visible hand mandating equality of outcome, because that’s the only thing that is fair?


And, of course, liberalism creates all of these abject oddities.  Liberalism creates single-parent families, for example.  Liberalism creates all of these screwball family arrangements and other things that give kids all kinds of problems growing up, and since liberalism creates these things… They won’t admit that, by the way. Since liberalism creates these things, they now have to come up with a way of fixing what is the resulting “inequality” based on their own policies.

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