Secret Service

Secret Service Admits Video Missing

Secret Service Admits Video Missing

Secret Service Admits Video Missing

He went to Congress hoping to pushback on the idea that he isn’t up to the job of fixing the Secret Service, instead director Joseph Clancy ending up spending part of his time this week discussing a missing video tape.

“That camera angle we do not have,” Clancy said when asked why there are only two tapes of a March 4th incident.

“We don’t have a system where someone to erase tapes but they are, by practice at 72 hours, taped over,” Clancy said.

Clancy is facing questions and plenty of criticism over reports that two agents under his command drove a government vehicle into barricades at The White House after a night of drinking, that the incident interrupted a bomb investigation and that the agents were allowed to simply go home without being administered sobriety tests.

Beyond answering questions about the missing tape, Clancy did try to make the case that the story put forward in the media is false.

“There was no crash,” Clancy said in a prepared statement read to lawmakers. “The video shows the vehicle entering the White House complex at a speed of approximately 1-2 mph, and pushing aside a plastic barrel. There was no damage to the vehicle.” Watch the video here.

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