SEE IT ➠ ‘Bone-Chilling’ Facebook Post Leads Police To DISTURBING Discovery!

SEE IT: ‘Bone-Chilling’ Facebook Post Leads Police To DISTURBING Discovery

Missouri police were recently alerted to a mother and her disabled daughter after family and friends noticed a “bone-chilling” post on their Facebook profile. It wasn’t until later that police made quite the disturbing discovery and became aware of yet another dark potential reality.

Family and friends immediately knew something was wrong after the Facebook profile, which Claudinnea “Dee Dee” Blancharde shared with her daughter, posted something to the wall that was shocking and unlike anything ever posted before. In its entirety, the post read:

“That Bitch is dead!”

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Fearing for Dee Dee and her 19-year-old wheelchair-bound daughter, Gypsy Blancharde, who suffers from leukemia and muscular dystrophy, loved ones quickly called police. As one would imagine, officials were even more surprised when a comment under the initial post showed up a few hours later, reading:




According to police, they were able to obtain a search warrant hours later and were able to investigate the two’s welfare at their residence. Unfortunately, they walked in to see Dee Dee had been “violently” murdered.

As for the wheelchair-bound daughter, she was nowhere to be found. Thinking she had been kidnapped, police quickly used the data within the Facebook posts to track down the location of where it had been sent. As it turns out, it appeared the posts were being sent by Gypsy’s boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, who lives in Big Bend, Wisconsin, where they also happened to find the girl unscathed.

Although people were overjoyed to learn that Gypsy had been found safe, that sentiment didn’t last too long as police have since announced that they are charging both Gypsy and her boyfriend in Dee Dee’s death. According to the most recent accounts, the boyfriend has admitted to stabbing Dee Dee as instructed by the woman’s own daughter.


Gypsy Blancharde (left), Claudinnea “Dee Dee” Blancharde (right)

According to police findings, Godejohn went into Dee Dee’s room during the night under the assumption that she was sleeping, climbed on top of her, and held her down. He then stuck the knife into the woman’s back multiple times until she was dead. He then mailed the knife to himself in Wisconsin so not to be found in possession of the murder weapon.

Gypsy admitted to investigators to being present when Godejohn stabbed her mother, and she knew in advance that it was going to happen.  She also confessed to making the Facebook posts, which eventually tipped off the authorities. More


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