See The ‘Disturbing’ ISIS Message Discovered At An Oregon Elementary School

See The ‘Disturbing’ ISIS Message Discovered At An Oregon Elementary School

While evidence of radical Islam flourishing within the U.S. is hardly news, one act of vandalism in Salem, Ore., over the weekend has some in the area worried. Police confirm someone spray-painted a pro-Islamic State message on a concrete wall in a recreational area of Miller Elementary School.

The graffiti read: “ISIL we R here.”


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Though they reassured locals that there has been no indication that any terror plans are at work in the city, authorities acknowledged that they have no leads in the case and are asking for locals to provide any information they can.

Principal Jessica Brenden was shocked that someone would pick her school as the target for such an offensive message.

“Of course it’s alarming,” she said. “It was a big surprise that it happened here at Miller.”

One passerby described the graffiti as “disturbing,” though he ultimately dismissed it as the likely result of mischievous kids. More

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