Sexually Abused Women Uses Billboard Against Father

Sexually Abused Woman Uses Billboard Against Father

Sexually Abused Women Uses Billboard Against Father

A Georgia woman has taken it upon herself to alert others about the danger her after poses as a sex offender by posting a huge message on a billboard in his hometown, according to WMAZ13. Tamara Martin was abused by her father, Earl B. Pillow, who had sex with her when she was nine in 1977, and was convicted of adultery for the act in Virginia; the act violated Virginia’s laws against incest.

Pillow pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years probation and counseling, but when he requested the clinic to stop, after three sessions, the clinic agreed. Because Martin was abused almost 40 years ago, no sex offender registry lists Pillow; Virginia had no such registry until 1994.

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Martin asserted, “I went from “bury it, bury it, bury it,” to “I have to do something with this that is positive … I will not be complicit to him hurting someone else because I’m holding my tongue about it.”

The billboard reads, “Earl B. Pillow of Brookneal has multiple convictions for sex crimes against children. The People’s Sex Offender Registry. This message is the sole responsibility of Tamara Martin, Earl’s daughter and victim.”

Martin, married with a son, worked as a contractor at Robins Air Force Base for many years. She said, “I made a life for myself.” After finding her father on Facebook, she contacted him in order to forgive him.

She commented, “I gave him the opportunity to respond to me. To which I received nothing but complete denial. If he had apologized to me and my sister, this never would have happened.” When she told her brother, he responded, “I wish we could put him on a billboard.”

It’s costing Martin $800 a month, but she explained, “I think it’s important that people stand up, find their voice, and push back.” She wants to create “The People’s Sex Offender Registry” online, and she has launched a Facebook page in the hope that someone with technical and legal expertise can help her evolve it into a  fully functional website that would let information be posted about abusers unlisted in state or federal registries.

Martin concluded, “People need to know who’s in their communities.” As far as the pain from her past, she said quietly, “It gets more bearable. But it never goes away.”

Pillow has protested his innocence, and has hired an attorney to threaten Martin with a lawsuit if the billboard’s message is not removed, but Martin has refused.

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