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Shameless Obama Uses Memorial Service For 87 Firefighters Killed To Push His Climate Change Agenda


UPDATE: Flies Directly From Speech To Golf Course Using Private Helicopter


Note the #ActOnClimate hashtag the White House used when they were live-tweeting Obama’s speech:





In his official remarks he makes no mention of climate change.

These are the kinds of individuals we honor today. And even as we honor these 87 heroes, we know that their work is carried on by firefighters all across our nation — by so many of you –with that same bravery, and that same dedication, that same sense of duty, that same humility, that same love of country.


In recent years, you’ve battled some of the most severe wildfire seasons in American history. So far this year, nearly 50,000 wildfires have burned more than 9 million acres — an area larger than the entire state of Maryland. At the season’s peak, 32,000 firefighters were battling blazes from California to North Carolina. Thirteen have lost their lives. And today, we honor them as well. And we reaffirm that, as a nation, we must work to prevent fires, and we must give firefighters the equipment and the support that they need to get the job done and to come home safe — that’s what we owe every one of you. (Applause.)

UPDATE: Well done, Barack.





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