Sharia Law In Action ➠ Here’s What Happens When Muslims Catch Transgenders…


Here’s What Happens When Muslims Catch Transgenders Under Sharia Law

In Islam, we find the term “hate crime” is twisted into something that too often trivializes the severity or points the blame at the victim. Instead of seeing the targeted killing of transgenders as a hate crime, Islam sees it as wiping out the abomination that threatens war against Allah. Instead of our basic human rights to choose our lifestyle, it is considered a hate crime against Muslims that such a notion even exists.

Anything that offends Allah is offensive to Muslims and, therefore, warranting of physical punishment. Under Islam, the real hate crime is the fact that transsexuals are participating in a lifestyle that breaks Islamic Sharia law.

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Like all Muslim nations, Pakistan’s minorities suffer the most under medieval Sharia, and the eradication of all things un-Islamic is easily attainable with a 96 percent Muslim population, most of which favors Islamic law. Of these persecuted minorities is the LGBT community, and they are one the most hated of all.

Many religions agree that transsexualism is a sin, but only one calls for their brutal slaughter.

On Saturday morning, a group of transgenders and transsexual citizens were targeted by two jihadists, Dawn News reports.

The two terrorists on motorcycles rode up on the group standing on a corner of a street in Chamanzar Colony and began firing. Two transgenders died on the spot, while one other succumbed to injuries later in a local hospital. Another two transgenders and three pedestrians were also injured in the attack, according to Pakistan News Headlines.

“The attackers could be those who did not like the presence of transgenders in the locality,” said Almas Bobby, who is the president of the Shemale Foundation Pakistan, adding that a large number of transgenders were seen standing in the locality at the time of the attack.


“The motive behind the triple murder is not clear but it could be religious extremism or robbery cases allegedly committed by some transvestites,” he added.

As in many communities under the pressure of Islamists, religious motivation is often overlooked, diverting the blame from radical ideology. Even the leading investigator refused to rule out the typical leftist tactic of pointing the finger at the targets of Islamic violence for their own death. More

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