Sheriff Clarke ➠ Baltimore’s Mayor Continues To ‘Demoralize’ Police Officers

Sheriff Clarke ➠ Baltimore's Mayor Continues To 'Demoralize' Police Officers

Sheriff Clarke: Baltimore’s Mayor Continues to ‘Demoralize’ Police Officers

Tonight on “The Kelly File,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. discussed the Department of Justice launching a civil rights investigation into the practices of the Baltimore Police Department.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the investigation will begin immediately into the allegations that officers use excessive force, conduct unlawful searches, seizures and arrests.

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Clarke stated that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s move “to call in the DOJ is nothing more than her trying to deflect away from her own leadership failure.”

“She once again continues to demoralize Baltimore’s finest, when she’s going to need them most,” Clarke said. “She did it once when she put them out there in harm’s way the night of the riot and told them to stand down…now she backed the bus over them by calling in the DOJ.”  More

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