Sheriff Clarke Boldly Defends Constitution: ‘I Will Die Fighting For This Document’ (Video)

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Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke gave another bold defense of his right to keep and bear arms and offered his life to protect every other American’s right to do the same.

Speaking at a CPAC event sponsored by the NRA and The Washington Times, Clarke spoke on why the Second Amendment has a special meaning to him and why the Constitution became even stronger after slavery:

As you know, when this country was formed, this Constitution didn’t apply to the slaves. But guess what? This Constitution allowed the brilliance of the Founding Fathers, this Constitution allowed for us to eventually get it right and we did with the 13th Amendment that freed the slaves.


Sheriff Clarke: Slavery Finally Ended Because Blacks Were Arme…Sheriff Clarke: ‘I Will Die Fighting’ For The Constitution

Posted by MRCTV on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


But the 13th Amendment only freed the slaves on paper, and many of you may know it was the 14th Amendment, equal protection clause, that said this document applies to all citizens of the United States. And that included newly freed slaves.


My ancestors fought, as well as the Founding Fathers, for this document to apply to us.

But more specifically to self-defense, Clarke pointed to abolitionist pioneer Frederick Douglass who also stood behind the Constitution and its guarantee of the right to bear arms even for newly-freed slaves:

Let me tell you what Frederick Douglass said about the right of self-defense. Douglass strongly supported the right of fugitive slaves to have and use weapons to resist kidnapping. “When government fails to protect the just right of any individual man, that man rests on his original right of self defense, even if it means shooting down his pursuers. Slavery is a system of brute force. It must be met with its own weapons.”


He went on to say that freedom was worth fighting for. Slaves, plus guns, equaled freedom. The abolition of slavery was inevitably due to the arming of blacks. More

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