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Shock Video Shows Woman Get Run Over After Brutal Fistfight As Onlookers Scream In Horror

Shock Video Shows Woman Get Run Over After Brutal Fistfight as Onlookers Scream in Horror

Police are close to making an arrest after shock video uploaded online shows a 19-year-old Michigan woman being run over by a car after a brutal fistfight Monday.

“I have like tire marks all right here, all on the back of my back,” Sierra Washington told WOOD-TV.

Footage captured on a cellphone shows Washington in a vicious fistfight with an unidentified woman in Grand Rapids. Some bystanders attempt to break the brawl up, but others push them away and can be heard saying “let them fight.”

Warning: Strong language and violence. Discretion is advised. 

Suddenly one of the women enters a vehicle and begins the process of seemingly driving away.

Washington then can be seen throwing something on the hood of her vehicle. The 19-year-old then attempts to flee, but the other woman driving hits her and proceeds to drive over part of her body as onlookers scream in disbelief.

Image source: Screen grab

“I really wasn’t thinking that she’s going to run me over,” Washington told WOOD. “But she just ran me over and I actually thought I was dead. My body crunched up. I was just sitting there in shock. Then she turned around like she was going to come back again and my friends hurried up and picked me up, thank God.” More

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