Shocking: ISIS Women Recruiting Young Girls Caught On Video

ISIS Women Recruiting Young Girls Caught On Video

In a 12 month undercover sting operation, one young woman named “Aisha” infiltrated into the higher ranks of an extremist Muslim women’s group. Shocking undercover videos shot in Britain, show weekly women’s meetings held in government-funded rooms where more than 20 extremist women met.

A new trend is developing in the U.S. and the U.K., radicalized Muslim women recruiting young British and American girls to leave their families and join jihad in Syria. This undercover sting operation showed exactly how easily these female recruiters are able to brainwash vulnerable youth.

When thinking about the Islamic State (ISIS), the focus is usually on the male terrorists. Many assume the female Muslims tied to these male terrorists are silent counterparts. This investigation shocked many by showing how these Muslim women are a huge part of the ISIS machine. The Muslim women shown in the video are hardcore extroverted personalities who manipulate young women by their hate filled messages.

Metro reported on the undercover video:

She [Aisha] is quickly advised to make the journey to Syria, a jihadi bride advises her to start saving, another instructs her to use her mum’s bank card to book the journey.


Hannah Stuart, a counter terrorism expert who has help shaped much Government policy said: ‘What’s striking about the women you’ve been following in the UK is that they’re not actually telling people they should commit acts of violence, but the messages that they’re repeatedly putting out support the ideological backdrop for groups like Islamic State – and other jihadist groups.

Other terrorism experts like Neil Doyle, warns ISIS manipulating young women is well thought out and very successful. The recruiters create this romantic view of jihad, an exciting adventure. The Sun reports:

These women are playing a role in convincing people joining ISIS is something of a romantic adventure where they can play their part in building a new nation.


That is inevitably going to strike a chord with those who are looking to escape a mundane existence with apparently few prospects, but they are being sold a terrible lie.

The following video shows Aisha utilizing social media to infiltrate the extremist Muslim women, and the shocking responses she receives.

Once Aisha has gained the trust of the extremist Muslim women, she receives an invitation to join their weekly “tea afternoons.” These meetings are actually clandestine, as the women attending are preaching anti-British, anti-American sentiments.

In the last video, Aisha is caught infiltrating the extremist group. She becomes cornered in a room by the leader of the extremist women’s group.

A big chunk of any radicalized movement is recruiting members. As Middle Eastern experts viewed the videos, many become taken aback at the strong language and shocking manipulation going on by radicalized Muslim women. Most see Islam as a religion that subjugate their women, and obviously that remains true. More

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