SHOCKING VIDEO ➠ RT Producer Robbed On Camera During Baltimore ‘Protests’

SHOCKING VIDEO ➠ RT Producer Robbed On Camera During Baltimore 'Protests'

SHOCKING VIDEO: RT Producer Robbed On Camera During Baltimore ‘Protests’

A producer for Ruptly, a video news service run by RT (formerly Russia Today), was robbed on camera while filming the violent protests in Baltimore overnight.

The dramatic video shows the female victim first surrounded and harassed by a group of youths, who rapidly grow bolder reaching out at her, all the while hurling a stream of vulgarity and ranting about the police. She is then clearly physically attacked by the group. As the video stabilizes you see that the producer is chasing the thieves down the street trying to retrieve her stolen bag before the intervention of the Baltimore police.

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The protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray while in custody turned into violent riots overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. So much so that 30,000 people were locked down in Camden Yards. As Twitchy notes, at the time of the lockdown President Obama was delivering jokes to the mainstream media and assorted celebrities about a half hour away.

Toward the end of the video, the woman who was robbed can be heard sobbing as she continues to film.

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