SJW Gets Freaks Out After Being Triggered By Biologists Saying “Men Are Taller On Average Than Women” (Video)

SJW triggered by “men are taller than women” statement then gets swiftly removed by taller, stronger man. Oh, the irony!

Liberals cannot accept reality. They have no critical thinking skills s when confronted with facts they can’t debate so they react violently.

James Damore spoke at Portland State on a panel titled, “We Need to Talk About Diversity.” He was joined by former Evergreen State biologist Heather E. Heying, PSU philosophy professor Peter Boghossian, and writer Helen Pluckrose. Bret Weinstein also made a cameo appearance. The event was organized by the Freethinkers of PSU, a skeptic student group.

Dr. Heather Heying, an evolutionary biologist, began talking about some differences between men and women. She even acknowledged that it struck her as odd to have to defend this notion that men and women are different.

As she spoke of differences in height and muscle mass, a few students stood and voiced their protest. Though there were not many, the students caused a scene. One went to the PA system and threw it from the table. The sound for the event was cut as a result of the damage.  More

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Full video:

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