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‘Very Ignorant’: Mark Levin Goes After O’Reilly for ‘Bullying’ Geller

Mark Levin, like Rush, is not fooled by the media’s vicious, unprecedented attacks on me in order to distract from the real threat. Why are they talking about me and my motives, and not the motives of the Texas jihadists and what they are being taught at their mosque?

Egypt and Jordan are our allies fighting ISIS, and they’ll be angry if we draw Muhammad? So we have to submit to Sharia to fight ISIS? Why don’t these “moderate” nations instead accept the freedom of speech?



‘Very Ignorant’: Mark Levin Goes After O’Reilly for ‘Bullying’ Geller,” Mediate, May 7, 2015


There’s been a lot of disagreement on the right about Pamela Geller‘s tactics, including on Fox News. Megyn Kelly‘s expressed much support for Geller’s exercise of free speech, while Bill O’Reilly argued that insulting every Muslim on earth is ill-advised, because it risks alienating Muslim allies.


Well, Mark Levin had some pretty harsh words for O’Reilly on his radio show last night, amazed at how the Fox host was “bashing” and “bullying” Geller. He called O’Reilly’s argument about the U.S.’ Muslim allies “very, very ignorant” and said, “How preposterous for the 8 pm-er to project his bias, his opinion, in such an irrational and silly way.”


Levin made it clear he’s not trying to personally attack O’Reilly, just that he can’t believe the “burping of such silliness on the air.” He asked which U.S. alliances were at all harmed by Geller displaying a few cartoons of Muhammad.


And even if people are offended, Levin asked, “what does that say about the weakness of the people in the region?”


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