What Smugglers Left Behind At The US-Mexico Border Might Have Liberals Screaming “Build the Wall!”

Border patrol officers stumbled across the abandoned black duffel bag on and were left horrified by its contents… An unconscious male tiger cub stuffed inside.

The zoo is taking great care of the rescued tiger cub he is expected to make a full recovery!

Absolutely appalling that someone could just abandon this precious baby tiger!



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A shocking discovery at the US-Mexico border will have you screaming “BUILD THE WALL!” This is yet another example of the open border and what’s being brought across it.

BORDER PATROL OFFICERS were shocked after discovering a sedated live baby tiger inside an abandoned duffel bag on the US-Mexico border. Officials say the cub had been heavily sedated and was very dehydrated when they found it. The cub is lucky to be alive after being stuffed into a duffel bag by three illegals who attempted to bring it over the border. If this doesn’t show just how wide open our border is then nothing will.

The exotic animal smuggling trade probably loves our open border and has used it to transfer animals to the US many times. There was another case from August of last year where a teen tried to smuggle a Bengal tiger cub across the border (see below). Who knows where this tiger came from. It’s interesting that animal rights activists like PETA are so silent on this clear case of animal abuse.

The cub was turned over to the Gladys Porter Zoo where veterinary doctors fought to save his life. More

In a Facebook post alongside a picture of the now healthy cub, the Gladys Porter Zoo said:

The tiger cub found in a duffel bag at the border is under the care of our veterinary staff. Despite him being brought…

Posted by Gladys Porter Zoo on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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