So Now It Begins ➠ The ‘Palinization’ Of Carly!



In a mind-numbingly banal screed in the Washington Post this week, columnist Ruth Marcus fired the first shot in the war we all knew was coming — the war against Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. I call this the Palinization of Carly, whereby a center-right woman who is strong in her beliefs is belittled, mocked and minimized by the Left.

Ms. Marcus, a presumed feminist, insists this has nothing at all to do with ideology. And then proceeds to lay out how Carly’s mere candidacy offends her. This bears repeating, Ruth is offended that Carly Fiorina is running for president. She is not at all offended that her candidate of choice — Hillary Clinton — has perpetrated massive coverups of Benghazi and her unauthorized secret email server. The ability to run from her past makes Hillary a totes qualified and unoffensive candidate to Ruth Marcus.

And Ruth begrudgingly admits that Hillary probably wouldn’t be where she’s at if not for her husband. It’s not optimal, obvs, but perfectly acceptable if you’re a liberal woman. More


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