Social Justice Warriors Deface Graves Of Confederate Soldiers In OKC With Red Paint

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OKLAHOMA CITY –The Confederate debate is heating up once again, and now vandals have taken to defacing confederate soldier monuments at one metro cemetery.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a group which only relatives of those who fought in the war can join.


While they recognize that, today, the Confederate Flag is not popular, the group say it’s no excuse for defacing a memorial honoring soldiers who died.


‘Rest in peace’ is the purpose of cemeteries everywhere. But that peace was disturbed sometime Wednesday night into Thursday morning.


“I want to be forgiving, but it really hurts us to have our monuments defaced,” Larry Logan, Past Commander for the Oklahoma Division of the Sons Confederate Veterans said.


Someone took red paint and covered the memorial.


“This is a very special place to us, the confederate monument is here, it’s been here since 1923, there’s 14 Confederate veterans buried right here by the monument,” Logan says.


Logan says he knows all about the controversy surrounding the flag, but says this is different.

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