Socialist Mayor Removes Christian Symbols… “Lack Of Respect” To Muslims


Last July, in the small town in Spain called Cenicientos, the recently elected Socialist mayor, named Natalia Nuñez, ordered the “Stations of the Cross” be removed from the paths of a few dirt roads.

If you are not familiar with the “Stations of the Cross,” there are 12 “stations” or areas where one can reflect on the passion of Christ. Each station is a “theme,” and the first station is “Jesus is condemned to death.” Stations of the Cross are found inside Catholic churches or outside pathways.

In the town of Cenicientos, they are found on dirt paths, only signified by a stone with a roman numeral on it —nothing else; not crosses or religious symbolism. Every Catholic knows what each roman numeral stands for, thus it is a tradition which goes back to the first and second century. Not only is it religious, in Spain it is cultural.

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At first, Mayor Nuñez, slyly said the “stones” are to be removed as they posed a potential hazard on the paths. Cenicientos’ population is 2,073, mainly Catholics going back centuries. These families have ancestors which fought in the 1500s to expel the “Moors” (Islamic invaders) from Spain.

According to Jihad Watch:

Expressing one’s own culture and heritage, you see, demonstrates a “lack of respect” for Muslims. In order to show proper “respect” for Muslims, one must change one’s behavior to suit their sensibilities, and never, ever ask them to change their behavior to bring it in line with Western customs and mores. Everyone in the West today knows that, except for a few obstinate “Islamophobes.”

Finally, the socialistic Mayor Nuñez, an atheist in league with radicalized Islam, came clean. Father Jorge Guadlix, the town Priest, wrote in his blog:

The Mayor charged  the Way of the Cross with a “lack of respect” towards non-believers and those are who “profess the Muslim religion and culture.” Nuñez described the Way of the Cross in interviews dismissively as “those stones.”

To some, the idea of atheistic socialism teaming up with radicalized Islam may appear as “strange bedfellows.” This teaming up is nothing new. Today, in America, we see the far left backing the play of the “cultural sensitivities” of Muslims. It is through this alliance both sides achieve goals.

America has endured Obama and his endless proclamations bowing down to Islam. Everything about Obama’s presidency revolves around political correctness, especially when it comes to Muslims. Under Obama,  Muslims need special “prayer spaces” at Universities, Islam is found as curriculum in middle schools “teaching” cultural sensitivity, and Sharia law is rearing its head in many cities, as Obama stated “America is no longer a Christian nation.”

The far left socialists agree. In their attempt to eliminate Christianity from Western culture, and specifically America, Islam is a weapon, a change agent to strip America of “Merry Christmas” and nativity scenes in town squares, all under the guise of “sensitivity” to those who are offended.

Yet, who is offended? Non-Christian religions have coexisted in America from its conception. As it is in once Catholic Europe, America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and it is these values that protect the non-Christian religions’ rights.

In Europe today, with the invasion of Muslims, the values and rich culture which have endured for centuries are now being traded in and swept away by those on the far left. Progressives, socialists, and their ilk use Islam as an excuse to eradicate the culture. This is a Marxist tactic, aimed at “transforming” the countries, molding them into a society ultimately without God.

The end game may not be exactly what these far leftists foresee. Islam and the radicalized Islamic State’s aim is to divide and conquer. Islamic terrorists have a long history at this game, with the elusive West as the goal. Centuries of jihad and campaigns to take Western Europe started in 718 A.D. The “Moors,” as they were called back then, were expelled from Western Europe in the deciding battle of Lepanto in 1571.

The Islamic States’ terrorists do not forget this battle. Today, they see this migration into Western Europe as their “return” to set up the final battles, avenging their expulsion in 1571.

The Muslim Issue reports on Father Guadalix’s words in response to the removal of the stations of the cross:

According to Father Guadalix this day is not far off for those who think this way: “The truth is that you want to make an end to Catholics and with everything that reminds us of the Church. This is an old aim under which Spain has already suffered greatly. The ‘fruits of this tolerance’ we know all too well,” the priest said, alluding to the anti-Catholic persecution in the 1930s. More

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