…Something HUGE That Could Destroy Jeb’s White House Hopes!

This Ultra-Lib Lawmaker Just Said Something HUGE That Could Destroy Jeb’s White House Hopes

This Ultra-Lib Lawmaker Just Said Something HUGE That Could Destroy Jeb’s White House Hopes

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez is an outspoken ally of President Obama in his determined quest to bypass Congress, unilaterally change immigration law, and defer deportation for millions of illegal immigrants. When a federal judge in Texas blocked Obama’s executive amnesty in response to a petition from 26 states that claimed the president acted improperly by exceeding his authority, Gutierrez went on TV to warn of unprecedented “militancy” that would flare up in Hispanic communities around America.

While there’s little evidence that the Democrat congressman’s dire warning has proven accurate, at least not thus far, Gutierrez continues to be a loud and leading voice among those pushing for illegals not just to avoid deportation, but also to be granted numerous rights and privileges generally reserved for legal citizens of the United States.

So when the far-left Democrat who’s been in Congress for more than two decades speaks about immigration reform, there’s reason to listen. And when you listen to what he just said about Jeb Bush to a gathering at the University of Chicago, there’s reason to wonder if Gutierrez said what he truly believes, or if he’s simply throwing a proverbial grenade into the GOP field of presidential hopefuls.

Of course, given what Jeb himself has said about how he would deal with illegal immigration, Gutierrez is probably dead-on accurate in identifying Bush as the GOP’s 2016 presidential contender who has the most supportive positions of amnesty.

As Breitbart News reports:

At the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, Gutierrez was asked which GOP presidential candidate he “would be able to work with best” on immigration issues.


“We have to stay with the Bush family,” Gutierrez responded while praising George W. Bush for trying twice to get comprehensive amnesty legislation last decade.”

The Breitbart article points out that Jeb Bush, who is expected to announce his entry into the GOP presidential race in the near future, has described illegal immigration as “an act of love.” Last week in New Hampshire, the former Florida governor laid a few more amnesty cards on the table. Bush reportedly said “awarding legal status to illegal immigrants is a ‘rational’ and ‘thoughtful’ way of dealing with the issue.” More

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