Son Of Diplomat From Muslim Country BUSTED In NYC…

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A Pakistani diplomat’s son was charged with raping a 13-year-old girl and sexually abusing her friend on Dec 1.

Mehmood Rahimoon, 20, who goes by the nickname Rey, met the girls through an app called Whisper in October. After talking with the girls online over the course of several weeks, they decided to meet in person.

On their third meeting at the River Road Motor Inn in Woodlawn, the rape occurred, according the New York Daily News. Rahimoon had the girl’s friend wait in the restroom while he raped the other girl.

The girl told her father that she and her friend would be at a nearby park with their running club. He was to pick them up after running.

When the girls failed to show up when they were supposed to, he called his daughter. Rahimoon answered the girl’s phone and told him the girls would be there soon. Truly sickening.

The girl’s friend told her father what happened that night, and he alerted police the next day. More



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