Sorority Cancels Kentucky Derby Party Because Theme Is Racist…

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Good luck to these idiots when the real world bites these snowflakes in the a$$.

A sorority at Dartmouth College has canceled an annual Kentucky Derby-themed party in response to protesters who complained that basing a party on the popular horse race was racist.

Every year, Kappa Delta Epsilon (KDE) holds an invite-only party in the spring. Until last year, the party was held the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby, which was used as the party’s theme.

In 2015, several Dartmouth students protested outside the party as part of a larger protest march, saying the exclusive party was racist and economically elitist. After Dartmouth’s student assembly president (who was attending the party) engaged in a shouting match with a protester, activists launched a petition drive calling for him to resign. More

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