SPARKS FLY In Heated Debate Between Dana Loesch & Radical Far Left Gun-Grabber ➠ Video

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SPARKS FLY in Heated Debate Between Dana Loesch and Radical Far Left Gun-Grabber (VIDEO)

Conservative author, radio host and activist Dana Loesch took on far left crank Nomiki Konst tonight on the push for more gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Charleston church shootings.

Via The Kelly File:

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Konst, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, believes the solution is to remove guns from society.

Dana Loesch correctly argued that Dylann Storm Root was given a gun (illegally) by his father after he was arrested on drug charges in February. Root later stole the gun from his mother after she took it away from him.

Democrats think the solution is to take guns away from law abiding citizens.


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