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Special Needs Students Excluded from Utah H.S. Yearbook‽


Special Needs Students Excluded from Utah H.S. Yearbook?!

A Utah parent is upset because she says her daughter, who has Down syndrome, was excluded from a high school yearbook.

Amber Bailey, 21, is one of 17 special needs students who attend a transition program at the Tooele Community Learning Center, which is housed in the same building as Blue Peak High School. For the past two years, students in the transition program have been included in the high school yearbook. This year, they were left out.

Bailey’s mom, Leslee Bailey, said that the school “singled out” students in the transition program.

“How would you feel if it was your child? You know, your child was left out of the yearbook because as the principal told me, ‘We didn’t have the pages,’” she said. More

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