St. Cloud Crossroads Mall Terrorist Mentioned Allah… Shot & Killed By Off-Duty Cop!

St. Cloud Crossroads Mall Terrorist Mentioned Allah... Shot & Killed By Off-Duty Cop!


So this Muslim terrorist asks people first if they’re Muslims and then shouts Allahu Akbar while he stabs them… and the authorities don’t know if his attacks are related to terrorism?

Heavy: A man entered a busy shopping mall in Minnesota and stabbed eight people while referencing Allah and asking at least one victim if he was Muslim, according to the St. Cloud police chief.

The suspect – who has not been identified – was wearing a private security uniform and armed with a knife during the September 17 mass attack, according to St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson. The mass stabbing occurred around the same time that an explosion in Manhattan horrified and fixated the country,

Anderson addressed the news media around midnight in the mass stabbing attack that was largely overshadowed by the New York explosion, which injured at least 29 people, one seriously. It was not clear whether the New York attack was related to terrorism.

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However, in the heartland, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the police chief said the attacker at the Crossroads Center Shopping Mall “made some references to Allah, and we have confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them. We do know there were approximately eight people transported to the St. Cloud Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. The suspect was confronted by an off duty police officer and summarily shot and killed….no customers were killed.” More

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