St. Louis Official Gave Refuge To Ferguson Protesters; They Repaid Him By Stealing Everything

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A second-term St. Louis city alderman learned the hard way Sunday that no good deed goes unpunished after gunfire erupted in Ferguson, Missouri.

Alderman Antonio French has been a regular on the ground in the troubled city since protests first broke out after the death of Michael Brown, and he was there on Sunday when demonstrators marked the one year anniversary of Brown’s death.

At one point, 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Jr. opened fire on police. As bystanders scrambled for cover, Harris — said to be a friend of Brown’s — was critically injured when police returned fire.

French, who was once arrested in Ferguson for unlawful assembly after refusing a police order to disperse, noted on social media that he let several people take refuge from the hail of gunfire in Heal-STL, a storefront community outreach center he opened.

They repaid the kindness by robbing him of a number of laptops and iPads, according to French.

French also re-tweeted a video capturing dramatic footage of the shooting just as it took place.

While one social media users thanked French for being willing to admit the crime occurred, others seemed to suggest he should have known better.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:


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