State Department Admits U.S. Gave Iran $100 Billion… Nearly Double The Previous Amount

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Lurch previously called it a “fictional” number.

Via Washington Examiner:

The State Department admitted Tuesday that Iran will get about $100 billion in frozen assets under the Iran nuclear agreement, just weeks after Secretary of State John Kerry ridiculed that number as “fictional.”

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As part of sanctions relief under the nuclear agreement, Iran will have access to assets that the U.S. froze. For weeks now, the press has been reporting that this would be about $100 billion.


But in mid-January, Kerry dismissed that estimate, and said it was closer to $55 billion.


“That is a fictional number. I don’t know where it comes from,” Kerry said on MSNBC of the $100 billion estimate.


But in recent days, Iran has boasted that it will have access to about $100 billion, which prompted questions from reporters on Tuesday. Despite Kerry’s remarks, State spokesman John Kirby admitted Tuesday that the U.S. would be releasing about $100 billion to Iran.


But at the same time, Kirby explained that State is viewing the amount as only $55 billion, because it believes Iran will need to spend the other $45 billion to pay off debts. In the logic of the State Department, that means Iran really isn’t getting that additional $45 billion.

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