Left-Wing Billionaire Suggests Law Enforcement, Military Members Are Not Americans

Well nice try, but that’s not going to work! Tom Steyer you don’t get to define what is American or not. Socialists are not American and have no business inside our government. our federal constitutional republic was never formed with or under socialist ideas.

BTW, America doesn’t prosper by taking money from citizens and giving it to illegal aliens! Which is all he has planned.


Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer made at an appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Tuesday where he suggested members of the military and law enforcement officials aren’t real Americans.

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Steyer said he would support repealing the Republican tax overhaul passed last year, which slashed corporate and individual rates. Steyer said more than “90 percent” of the benefits went to the rich and corporations, calling the tax plan a “one-two punch” that would result in funding cuts for needed programs.

Every program in the budget “that ends with an American” would get cut, he said. He separately referred to groups like the military and police getting a boost from the GOP budget, calling them programs “with a man holding a gun.”

“Every single program in our budget that ends with an American is going to get cut,” he said. “So that means education and training and retirement and health care. This is their excuse. We get 10 percent of the benefit, but we will pay 100 percent of the cost of that tax plan.” More

Liberals have attacked the military, police, ICE, Christians, NRA and gun owners, White men, and the middle class. Curious election campaign strategy.

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