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Stolen Valor Video ➠ Fed-Up Veteran Confronts Man Begging For Money


Stolen Valor Video: Fed-Up Veteran Confronts Man Begging for Money

Another alleged case of stolen valor appears to have been uncovered.

A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom started recording recently at a Nebraska truck stop when he noticed the suspected phony soldier asking for money.

The veteran said he became fed up when he saw people thank the man for his service and one person give him money.

The veteran then confronted the man inside the convenience store.

He immediately called out that the man’s uniform didn’t look right, specifically that there was no name tag.

The man in question apparently had claimed to people that he had just returned from overseas, was injured in combat and was given three Purple Hearts.

The video (below) was posted on YouTube by a group that tracks alleged stolen valor cases. Guardian of Valor reported on its website that they know the man’s identity and that he has done this before.

(The video below contains profanity.)

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