Here’s How You Can Stop Google From Collecting All Your Information (Video)

Technical Consultant and web developer, Dylan Curran posted on Twitter earlier this week documenting just how much information Google and Facebook store up about everyone.

TGP: The Gateway Pundit spoke to Dylan Curran about tech giants encroaching on people’s privacy and asked him what people can do to secure their information.

“Going off the grid is not plausible,” Dylan told The Gateway Pundit. “You have to be careful about what pictures you are sending people,” Dylan continued.

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When asked about the recent firestorm over Facebook’s spying, Dylan said, “When you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.”

We asked Dylan what people can do to prevent the tech giants from spying and storing personal information. Aside from staying away from Facebook and Google, Dylan suggests opting out of data collection. (He explains how to do this in a YouTube video)

While Dylan doesn’t believe data collection is currently being used for malicious purposes, his fear is in the future it can be used against people.

Dylan appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show earlier this week and hopes to continue speaking about tech and privacy concerns through his podcast and YouTube channel.

We told Dylan the most asked question from people was ‘how can I get Google to stop collecting my information?’

Curran followed up Thursday with an informative ‘how to’ video addressing Google and privacy concerns.

In this video, Dylan Curran explains how you can stop Google from collecting your information:

In a tweet thread earlier this week, Dylan Curran takes you on a journey in 34 stunning tweets showcasing just how much Google knows about you. From your every move, to search history, to gender, health, relationship status, Google and Facebook are documenting pretty much everything you do day in and day out.

In one of Dylan Curran’s last few tweets in the thread he even suggests he ‘may be on an FBI watch list so if he dies in the next few months it wasn’t an accident, it was a set-up.’

Curran also says Google and Facebook having all of this information can be used for nefarious reasons and violates multiple human rights.


In case you missed it, follow Dylan’s tweet thread down the rabbit hole… Read more

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