Store Clerk Takes Gun From Robber ➠ Shooting And Killing The Would-Be Bandit

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“They came all the way from the counter to outside and that’s where my uncle got him in the back.”

A store clerk near Houston turned the tables on an armed robber earlier this week, shooting and killing the would-be bandit.

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The attempted robbery took place around 3pm on July 14th. Store owner Pawan Kumar was not in the store at the time but watched the video via a link on his cellphone, he said. The robber came in and wanted more than cash.


Kumar said his uncle was manning the shop for him when he came under attack:


“I saw in the video my uncle said, ‘OK, just rob me,’ and the guy just wants to shoot him. Just take the money and leave. Punching and beating him for no reason,” Kumar said.


Police told Houston’s KPRC TV that the robber did fire at the clerk.


“So when he started shooting the gun, (he) fell down, so my uncle got the gun. Fighting, fighting, fighting, they came all the way from the counter to outside and that’s where my uncle got him in the back,” Kumar said. “He’s a good guy and I wanted to make sure he was all right.”

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