Was Stormy Daniels High For Her ‘60 Minutes’ Interview?

When your pupils are that dilated, you’re either under the influence of drugs, the ophthalmologist just dilated your eyes with drops or you have a brain injury.

Was Stormy Daniels high on drugs for her ’60 Minutes’ interview? Twitter just couldn’t help but notice Daniels’ dilated pupils. Later came the accusations of drug use. 

I personally took both of these screenshots directly from the CBS video… See here.

Stormy Daniels’ ‘Super’ Dilated Pupils Spark Accusations She Was High For ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

Stormy Daniels’ ‘Super’ Dilated Pupils Spark Accusations She Was High For ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

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TGP: “Health reporter tweet here. Why are Stormy Daniels’ pupils so dilated in that bright room? AC’s aren’t. Ok carry on,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch health and science reporter Blythe Bernhard asked.

“Off topic- but Stormy Daniels’ pupils look completely dilated,” noted  WGN Morning News anchor Lauren Jiggetts.

has giant pupils,” tweeted Fox 26 reporter Mike Iscovitz.

“Y’all. pupils look suuppppper dilated, right?” writer Lauren Modery tweeted.

“I can’t see what color Stormy Daniels eyes are bc her pupils are so big,” chided journalist Alix Bryan.

lack of embellishments made her story seem credible to me. However, I highly doubt her motive for the interview was to clear her name..as a porn star..your name is already kinda [sh*t] hence the name change. Also what was with her extremely dilated pupils?” journalist Lidia Curana tweeted.

Accusations of drug/medication use then followed.

But first, Gizmodo explains why one’s eye become dilated due to drug use:

Pupil dilation, what’s also referred to as mydriasis, happens when one of two muscle groups become activated, namely the iris sphincter (yes, that’s what it’s called) and the iris dilator. The sphincter response is triggered by the parasympathetic nervous system (what regulates our autonomic bodily processes when we’re at rest), and the dilator by the sympathetic nervous symptom (what controls physiological responses requiring a quick response — like fight-or-flight).

Needless to say, psychotropic drugs can have a profound effect on both of these systems.

Depending on the type of drug taken, therefore, either muscle group can become engaged. Essentially, if a drug can trigger a parasympathetic or sympathetic response, there’s a good chance that it will also impact on pupil dilation. Specifically, mydriasis can be caused by stimulants and any drug that influences the adrenal glands — what can trigger certain parasympathetic responses.

“What’s up with this floozy Stormy Daniels’ massively dilated pupils during her 60 Minutes interview?” Youtuber Mark Dice asked.

“Why didn’t Anderson Cooper ask Stormy Daniels if she was coked up during that 60 Minutes interview? Pupils this dilated are not normal,” Dice added.

“Pupils tend to constrict due to the bright lights used for TV interviews. Stormy Daniels Pupils vs Her Lawyer’s vs Anderson Cooper’s. Interesting.”

“.@60Minutes Stormy Daniels’ pupils are so large, even with bright lights in her face, you can’t see her iris’s. Can you say “medication?” tweeted author Montgomery Ganger.

Casting director Jen Euston wondered if blue contact lenses were the culprit.

“. I don’t think she is wearing contacts because in other photos they showed she had blue eyes, but her pupils are much smaller. I observed the same thing. :),” Twitter user Mila Cusumano chimed in.

Actress Sarah Thyre suggested to Euston that adderall could be why Daniels’ pupils are so dilated.

“Maybe. very strange bc you know she has a huge light on her in the interview. Anderson’s are normal,”  Euston replied.

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