Study ➠ Blacks Won’t Vote For Black Republicans, Period

Tim Scott

Study: Blacks Won’t Vote For Black Republicans, Period…


Via Washington Examiner:

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A new study of blacks and their voting patterns finds that nothing the Republican Party does, even nominating African-American GOP candidates, works to win them over.


“Historical legacies provide deeply rooted ties between blacks and the Democratic Party,” said the study in the authoritative journal Political Research Quarterly. “These ties may simply render it impossible for Republicans — black or otherwise — to move public opinion or mobilize among blacks,” it added.


The study, provided to the Washington Examiner, searched through the demographic details of 3,300 African-American voters in the 2010 election, when the GOP had nearly three dozen black House candidates running, part of the Republican Party’s push to attract minority voters.


But the authors, political scientists from Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago, found it didn’t help. “Republican efforts in recruiting black candidates were ultimately unsuccessful at mobilizing black voters,” the study said.


The study did find that having a black Republican in the race pushed more African-Americans to the polls, but mostly for Democrats. The highest turnout, 75 percent, occurred when both party candidates were black, followed by when only the Democrat was black, at 73 percent, and 62 percent when only the Republican was black.


“While black citizens do distinguish black Republican candidates from non-black Republican candidates, they also distinguish black Republicans from black Democrats,” the study said. “Black citizens appear to conclude that they do not share common political values with Republicans, whether black or not. As a consequence, black Republican candidates simply do not evoke the same response from black citizens as black Democratic candidates.” More

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