Study Shows One Third Of Millennials Live With Their Parents


This is just ridiculous. Millennials need to grow up and get with the program. And their parents need to stop enabling them.

Fox News Insider:

For the first time on record, living with parents is now the most common arrangement for people ages 18 to 34, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

The study found that 32.1 percent of young adults were living in their parents’ home, 31.6 percent were living with a romantic partner, 14 percent were living alone and 22 percent had another living arrangement, such as living in a college dormitory or in the home of a non-parent family member.

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Dr. Keith Ablow said on “Fox and Friends” that this can be attributed to a weak economy and a lack of jobs, plus the fact that many millennials are too wrapped up in their own worlds to strike out on their own.

He asserted that whether it’s smartphones, social media or actual drugs like marijuana, many millennials are primarily concerned with “getting high.”

“That’s the Obama America,” Ablow said. “Get high, stay home, don’t be autonomous.”

He claimed there’s a sense of narcissism and entitlement among millennials, which he said has been stoked by both the Obama administration’s policies and popular culture.

“It’s partly parenting, that’s true. But it’s also partly the environment of our culture.”

Do you agree with Dr. Ablow’s assessment?

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