Supreme Court To Decide If Electoral College Voters Must Vote For Winner Of State Popular Vote

The Supreme Court will decide whether states can punish Electoral College members who do not support the winner of their state’s popular vote, otherwise known as “faithless electors.”

The court granted the appeals in two cases out of Washington state and Colorado. Those cases challenge laws seeking to keep electors from going against the wishes of voters.


On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that would decide whether electoral college delegates must vote for the winner of their state’s popular vote. Half the states currently have laws requiring their electors to follow the voters’ decision in their state.

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Electors who do not vote in accordance to the winner of their state’s popular vote are known as “faithless electors.” According to NBC News, the so-called problem of faithless electors has never really been an actual problem before. In fact, most states simply throw out the ballot of an elector who doesn’t follow the state’s popular vote.

But in 2016, the Democrats ran such a rotten candidate that several electors in states carried by Hillary Clinton cast their ballots for someone else. One elector in Colorado voted for John Kasich, one in Hawaii voted for Bernie Sanders, and four in Washington state voted for someone else — three for Colin Powell and one for Faith Spotted Eagle, the name of a Native American activist, not Elizabeth Warren. Other Democratic electors contemplated voting differently but were reportedly pressured into voting for Clinton. Colorado simply replaced its errant elector with one that would vote for Hillary, while Washington state fined their independent-thinking electors for violating state law. More

Democrats just can’t win unless they try to turn over everything. There will be a lot of unhappy people if the electors vote the opposite of their wishes. We don’t want California and New York to decide our country’s future.

If the U.S. Supreme Court still deigns to uphold our Constitution, it should be a no-brainer call. The Electoral College was put into place to protect the citizens of our individual states.

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