Surrogate Mom Pregnant With Triplets Refuses Parents’ Demand To Abort Female Baby…

Surrogate Mom Pregnant With Triplets Refuses Parents’ Demand To Abort Female Baby

Another surrogacy case involving abortion has cropped up — this time in California — and it has the surrogate mother of trip-lets rejecting demands by the parents to abort one of the babies.

Brittneyrose Torres, 26, has reportedly been ordered to abort one of the babies. She originally implanted was implanted with two fertilized eggs which developed in her womb — a boy and a girl. One of the eggs split to create twin boys, so Torres is now pregnant with two boys and a girl.

Torres is now 17 weeks pregnant and she says the birth parents knew ahead of time that she would not have an abortion unless the pregnancy created a life and death situation for her.

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“We would never want to abort a baby’s life,” Torres says.

The New York Post has more on the situation:

‘We did not think we would be in this position,’ Torres said.

Torres had become a surrogate for the birth parents after learning they could not have kids in a Facebook post shared by the birth mother’s sister.

The surrogate told the Post that the birth parents seemed excited about having the three babies, but once she reached about week 12 of the pregnancy, they ordered her to abort the female fetus.

Torres said the birth parents made the demand citing ‘increased medial risks for developmental disabilities’ but after getting in contact with her doctors, the surrogate said there were no abnormalities.

‘I told her I couldn’t abort one of the children,’ Torres said. ‘I could not emotionally and physically do that at nearly 13 weeks. I believe it will be killing this baby.’

Torres has reached out to surrogacy watchdog The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network in an effort to fight the abortion demand, according to the Post.

Under her contract, she is reportedly set to receive at least $30,000 which includes $25,000 for carrying one child and an additional $5,000 for carrying two or more babies.

Torres reportedly decided to come out with her story after learning about surrogate Melissa Cook last month, who is also carrying triplets and refused a demand to abort one of the fetuses. More

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