Susan Rice Forced To Admit Secret About Iran Deal That Obama Was Desperate To Hide



White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice, best known for adamantly blaming the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack on a protest over a little-seen YouTube video, recently admitted the existence of two secret “side deals” that formed part of the broader nuclear agreement with Iran.

The side deals were actually between Iran and the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency and related to inspections of the Parchin military site and the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

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The existence of these side deals only came to light after Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo were clued in by the IAEA during a recent meeting in Vienna.

Both Cotton and Pompeo said they were told the deals “will remain secret and will not be shared with other nations, with Congress, or with the public.”

This is in direct violation of President Barack Obama’s commitment to provide the full text and all details about the deal to Congress for their consideration.

“This agreement is the worst of backroom deals,” Pompeo said. “Not only does this violate the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, it is asking Congress to agree to a deal that it cannot review.”

“In failing to secure the disclosure of these secret side deals, the Obama administration is asking Congress and the American people to trust, but not verify,” Cotton added. “That we are only now discovering that parts of this dangerous agreement are being kept secret begs the question of what other elements may also be secret and entirely free from public scrutiny.”

For her part, Rice acknowledged the existence of the side deals and stated that details would be revealed to some members of Congress in a classified briefing, according to Breitbart.

However, Cotton and Pompeo wrote a joint letter to Obama informing him that he has failed to comply with his end of the Corker bill and demanded that he release the details of the two side deals immediately.

This is just another reason why Congress should vote down this horrible deal, even if Obama immediately releases the contents of the secret side deals worked out between Iran and the IAEA.

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