Susan Sarandon Tells Oprah ➠ So Excited ‘By The Fluidity Of Gender That’s Happening’

Susan Sarandon Tells Oprah: So Excited ‘By the Fluidity of Gender That’s Happening’

Actress Susan Sarandon has long lurched to the radical left, so maybe it’s not surprising that she would express excitement at the Trans-sexual revolution under way. She told Oprah Winfrey that she’s all for this “gender fluidity” trend in identity politics.

“I’m so excited these days by the fluidity of gender that’s happening,” she said on the show Oprah’s Master Class. “I think once all those ‘boxes’ are gone, it’s going to be so much more interesting and so much less energy spent on those ‘boxes.’ We can get down to the nitty-gritty of, really, what a person is.”

As if gender isn’t in the “nitty gritty”?

Sarandon declared that she would love to see gender stereotypes dissipate in childhood, especially those that expect boys and girls to behave more differently as they grow older.

“I always knew what I had to do for my daughter to give her a fair shake in the world… But the socialization problem for guys is so ruthless. Having two sons just made me experience that so much more,” she says. “Guys just can’t feel and can’t cry and… all this stuff just gets pounded out of them.”

As an actress, Sarandon has explored “fluidity” in films, like Cloud Atlas, a box-office stink-bomb she appeared in back in 2012. “Everybody plays different genders and different colors and [in]different time periods, kind of suggesting that the essence of a person is so much more than whatever a person is wrapped in,” Sarandon recalled. “I love that notion.” More

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