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Swedish Town TERRORIZED By 8 Sex Attacks Including 2 Ten Year Olds… In 3 Weeks By Migrant Men

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Josefine Larsson, 16, told MailOnline it was ‘really worrying’ the streets were no longer safe after dark and she hoped police would arrest the ‘psychopaths’ responsible for the string of horrific crimes.

Police are warning women not to walk alone at night. How about warning migrants not to assault the women?

Daily Mail:

The streets are deserted after dark in a sleepy Swedish town which is a now no-go zone for women after eight sex attacks in three weeks.

Women have been warned by police not to walk alone at night after the once peaceful town of Östersund was shaken to its core by a string of vicious attacks on females and even children by groups of young men of ‘foreign origin’.

First, two 10-year-old girls were groped at a bus stop by a gang of men who threatened to rape them.
The following day, a woman told police she was punched in the face, splitting her eyebrow, by a man who threatened to kill her after he made a rude comment to her.

Just five days later a woman walking on her own was attacked by three men, beaten and pushed to the ground. More

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