Swiss Butcher Going To Jail: Sold Pork To Local Muslims for Years

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A Swiss butcher is going to jail after selling pork to Muslims for several years.

The Zurich butcher sold 3.1 tons of pork to Muslims but told them it was halal veal.

The halal “veal” never tasted so good.

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The butcher was sentenced to six months in jail. reported:

A butcher from the Swiss city of Zurich has been sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of 18,000 Swiss francs for having misled his Muslim customers.


For three years the butcher sold 3.1 tons of pork but informed his Muslim customers that it was halal slaughtered veal.


Food inspectors discovered the fraud during a regular check.


– If customers had known it was pork, they would not have bought it because Islam prohibits the consumption of this type of meat, the prosecutor in the case says.

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