Sylville Smith’s Sister: If We Don’t Get Answers, We’re Gonna Find Them Our Way

Sylville Smith's Sister: If We Don’t Get Answers, We’re Gonna Find Them Our Way

Sherelle Smith can’t make up her mind… Do you want unity? Do you want the violence and riots to stop? Or do you want to threaten the police and say if they don’t give you the answers you want, you will find them your own way?


We are hearing more from the sister of Sylville Smith, the man who was fatally shot by a Milwaukee police officer on Saturday, August 13th. In a FOX6 News exclusive, the sister reveals the previous connection between her brother and the officer.

Milwaukee police are not releasing the name of the officer who shot Smith, saying threats have been made against him.

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Sherelle Smith says that officer is no stranger to her family.

“The boy knew my brother personally from high school. They knew each other. You knew exactly how my brother was and you shot and killed him,” Smith said.

During the interview with FOX6 News, Smith said she is skeptical of the ongoing investigation, adding that if body camera footage shows her brother holding a gun, she still will not believe the officer was justified in firing his weapon.

“If my brother did have his gun in his hand, why he didn’t shoot back? If he’s gonna go out, why not go out with a fight? Why not go out with a big bang?” asked Smith.

As for the unrest that has followed the shooting of Sylville Smith, his sister condemns the looting and burning that has happened.

“Violence is never the key though, I’m not saying that. I don’t want anyone to be violent,” Smith said.

Smith also struck a somewhat ominous tone.

“If we don’t have answers, we’re gonna find them and we’re gonna find them our way. We’re not find them y’all way no more. We’re not gonna compromise no more,” Smith said. More

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